Friday, March 23, 2012

New and Noteworthy (Eco-City, Corporations and the Singularity)

In today's edition:

* A story in the Daily Telegraph on the Tianjin Eco City, which has received its first arrivals this month. Built on a "desolate wasteland of abandoned salt plains," Tianjin (which will house 350,000 in an area "half the size of Manhattan") is intended as a laboratory for experiments in greener urban living of a pragmatic (and hopefully, easily replicable) kind.

* And finally, Ben Goertzel over at the Kurzweil Accelerating Intelligence blog, with a piece which asks whether corporations, facing the uncertainties of the kind of technological Singularity depicted in works like Charles Stross' Accelerando, will not try and prevent the event. At the very least, it's food for thought.

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