Wednesday, July 6, 2011

New Review: Do Good Fences Make Good Neighbors? by Brent L. Sterling

My review of Brent L. Sterling's new book on strategic defenses, Do Good Fences Make Good Neighbors?, appears in the current, July issue of the Joint Forces Quarterly. You can read it here.

The theme of JFQ #62 is military professionalism, with pieces ranging from Bryan B. Battaglia's "The Enlisted Force and the Profession of Arms," to Ian Bryan's "Know Yourself Before the Enemy: Military Professionalism's Civil Foundation," but this issue addresses plenty of other issues as well with articles such as a "America's Endangered Arsenal of Democracy" by M. Thomas Davis and Nathaniel C. Fick; "The Strategist as Hero" by Colin S. Gray; James Thomas Snyder's review of Ronald D. Asmus's A Little War That Shook the World: Georgia, Russia, and the Future of the West; and two pieces especially relevant to resource and energy security, namely "The Arctic: A New Partnership Paradigm or the Next 'Cold War'?" by Reginald R. Smith, and "Scalable Energy Networks to Promote Energy Security" by Paul E. Roege.

The entire issue can be downloaded here.

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