Tuesday, April 19, 2011

New and Noteworthy (Next Financial Crisis?, Tunisia, Artificial Leaf)

In today's edition:

* Oliver Wyman's scenario for the next financial crisis. (The Atlantic offers a summary here.)

* The Washington Post on the spark that started the wave of revolutions across the Middle East--fruit vendor Mohamed Bouazizi's protest against Tunis's corrupt and abusive cops.

* A story in the Daily Mail on an improved version of the "artificial leaf" that may make a contribution to the expansion of renewable electricity production.

Review: In Praise of Hard Industries: Why Manufacturing, Not the Information Economy, is the Key to Future Prosperity, by Eamonn Fingleton
New and Noteworthy (Unemployment, Supporting 9 Billion By 2050)
New and Noteworthy (Energy Report, The Future Faces of War, The Middle East)
Revolution and Rebellion in the Postmodern World

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