Tuesday, January 4, 2011

2010 in Review

Welcome to 2011. May it prove to be a better year than 2010.

In today's first posting of the year, I present two year-in-review pieces. The first is Noah Shachtman's round-up of the past year's top stories from the Wired Danger Room. It's fairly sensationalist and shallow, but fun in a gonzo sort of way.

The second is Time magazine's list of the fifty "Best Inventions of 2010." It's the usual hyped-up round-up by editors who don't seem quite sure what constitutes an "invention" seen in previous years (in discussing the Martin Jetpack as this year's invention, it actually acknowledges the invention of the jetpack in 1961, fifty years ago, refuting its own claim, and I'm not sure how the Responsible Homeowner Mortgage Program makes the list either), but just as with Shachtman's piece, there are just enough items of interest mentioned in it to make it worth a glance (though anyone looking for the least bit of depth will have to go elsewhere).

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