Thursday, December 2, 2010

New and Noteworthy (A Progressive National Security Policy, Ireland, New Supercomputer)

In today's edition:

* Jason Sigger offered his thoughts on a progressive national security policy last month at his always worthwhile blog, Armchair Generalist (which you can find in the blog list on the right side of this screen). As Sigger acknowledges, there isn't a concise grand strategy to tie his ideas all together (not that anyone else seems to be doing anything interesting on that level lately), but the proposals extend to U.S. policy in every region of the world, as well as a host of issues including weapons of mass destruction, the respective roles of the armed forces and law enforcement in counterterrorism, and homeland security. Few of the individual proposals are surprising to those who follow these issues, but they are all by and large quite logical, and the comprehensiveness of the presentation is certainly of interest.

* Contrary to the hype, the world continues to cope with the 2008 economic crisis, with the International Monetary Fund and the European Union bailing out Ireland--the neoliberal poster child predictably suffering all the more in the crisis for its adherence to the orthodox prescriptions (Ernst & Young using the "D" word, depression, to describe it in 2009). By way of the Demand Side Blog, here's a critical take on the bail-out.

* In October 2010, China presented the world's fastest supercomputer, a 2.5 petaflop machine. (The machine is likely to be eclipsed as record-holder soon enough, though, Fujitsu working on getting a 10 petaflop machine four times as powerful working by 2012-a level of performance Kurzweil fans must regard as a particularly important milestone, such a computer equaling their estimate of the processing power of the human brain.)

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