Thursday, August 19, 2010

New and Noteworthy: Items From the Hiatus #4 (Post Peak-Oil Flight, Wind Energy)

In today's, final, ecologically-themed edition of "items from the hiatus":

* At the Energy Bulletin Brian Kaller offers his thoughts on the likely impacts of post-peak oil energy scarcity on long-distance flight (both passenger travel and freight). The picture is a bleak one, but there may be some hope of alleviation through a turn back to the energy-efficient airship. (Also worth a look is the High Speed Solar Airship, the flight testing of which has to date been done only with a 1:20 scale model, but which is certainly intriguing.)

* The American Wind Energy Association's mid-year market report. The highlights are available in a summary on the Association's site. Dismayingly the rate of expansion of electricity production capacity from this source (which is, overall, still miniscule relative to other sources, and to the potential total) is slipping (even compared with the expansion of electricity production from fossil fuels)--a reminder that for all of the hype, the "green economy" is still a long way off, and far from being a foregone conclusion.

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