Wednesday, August 11, 2010

New and Noteworthy: Items From the Hiatus #3 (Wired Danger Room, Desktop Manufacturing, Charles Stross, Wired for War)

In today's edition:

* Several pieces from Wired's Danger Room, including plans for communications buoys which will give U.S. subs genuine connectivity, a concept for a robotic version of the A-10 Warthog, the first fully autonomous flight test of a helicopter, a video and commentary regarding the Human Universal Load Carrier Exoskeleton, and updates on the status of the Avenger UCAV and F-35 programs.

* A relatively lengthy and substantive article from The New Scientist on desktop manufacturing, and at, speculation about the use of such technology in space colonization efforts. (Incidentally, I wrote about this in The Space Review back in 2007.)

* Charles Stross on the implications of the recent revelations about Afghanistan's mineral wealth (and in particular, how lithium--which the country has in abundance--might be the new oil). (Among other worthwhile items, Stross includes a link to a Foreign Policy article on what Afghanistan was like before it became a Cold War battlefield.) Also of interest from Stross: his thoughts on "space cadets," in his presentation of which he pulls no punches. (As one might expect from his earlier writing on the subject of space development--perhaps most notably a post from November last year considering the design of a generation starship--he's unpersuaded by the idea of libertarian space development.)

* John Edward Jackson's review of Peter Singer's Wired for War. (Those looking for another view can, of course, consult my own earlier review of the book for Strategic Insights.)

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