Wednesday, February 10, 2010

New and Noteworthy (Playstation War, Drone Police, Gambetta and Hertog)

In today's edition:

* By way of Noah Shachtman of the Wired Danger Room, John Lasker's article on "Africa's 'Playstation War,'" a rarely noted conflict over the mineral coltan in the Congo-just one part of the carnage that has raged inside the country since the mid-90s (perhaps the bloodiest conflict the world has seen since 1945, with over five million dead), and which despite a formal conclusion in 2003, still hasn't really come to an end.

* An article in the Guardian last month about an interest on the part of the British government for using drone aircraft for domestic policing on a national basis. (As it happens, the article ignores the aspect of the story which engages the interest of the readers writing in the forum most, namely the implications for civil liberties.)

* The working paper regarding the overrepresentation of engineers among right-wing terrorist groups by Diego Gambetta and Stefan Hertogg that garnered a great deal of pop science attention during the past year, freely available online. (You can check out a short version of their analysis in an article they published in The New Scientist last June.

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