Monday, January 18, 2010

New and Noteworthy (Space Security Edition-China Missile Defense Test, Russia and Apophis, Indian ASAT)

Today's edition is devoted to a number of recent items relevant to the broad issue of space security, specifically:

* The New York Times on China's recent missile defense test. As might be expected, the event is also the subject of commentary from The Space Review this week, courtesy of Taylor Dinerman. (Also in the week's edition: Jeff Foust on "The Future of Science and Human Spaceflight" and "The Spaceport Glut," while John K. Strickland Jr. responds to Dwayne Day's excellent December article "Space Fetishism: Space Activism's Obsession With Technological and Ideological Saviors"-which too-predictably touched off a flame war-in "Space Fetishism: Obsession or Rational Action?"-which looks like it is well on its way to doing the same.)

* Russia is apparently considering a mission to the asteroid Apophis, which got considerable publicity when astronomers calculated there was a small chance of its colliding with Earth.

* A story from on an announcement by the director-general of the Indian defense research organization regarding his country's development of an anti-satellite spacecraft inside its broader ballistic missile defense program. (While receiving less attention than efforts by some other nations, India conducted three ballistic missile defense tests between 2006 and 2009, with the system scheduled to be online next year.)

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