Wednesday, December 23, 2009

New and Noteworthy (Year's Last Space Review, Paul Samuelson's Legacy)

In today's edition:

* The year's last edition of the Space Review is an especially strong one, including an excellent piece by Dwayne Day on "space activism’s obsession with technological and ideological saviors," Taylor Dinerman on the new British National Space Centre, Jeff Foust's review of Selling Peace, an insider account of the commercialization of the Russian space program, and a gallery of images from the belated roll-out of SpaceShip Two.

* By way of the Demand Side Blog, here's a reprint of Michael Hudson's piece over at Counterpunch regarding the legacy of the late Paul Samuelson, which offers a good bit of context-and critique-regarding the direction economic thought has taken since the break with classical economics in the mid-nineteenth century.

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