Saturday, December 12, 2009

New and Noteworthy (The "Soviet SDI"; New From Thomas Homer-Dixon; Nature on ClimateGate)

In today's edition:

* A recent article from Dwayne A. Day and Robert Kennedy III in Air & Space Magazine regarding the Soviet missile defense program, with a particular focus on the Polyus-Skif D project.

* In the Toronto Globe & Mail Thomas Homer-Dixon and Andrew Weaver recently offered succinct responses to four standard arguments of the greenhouse "skeptics"-global warming's stopped; sun spots are the cause; "climate's always changing, so what?" and the tobacco exec line that science is so uncertain anyway it doesn't matter. (For those interested in more from Dr. Homer-Dixon on the issue: a number of pieces on cultural and intellectual implications of the issue, including another piece in the Globe & Mail regarding inducements to "greener" consumption; this speech at a June conference in Essen, Germany; and this case for ecology replacing physics as the "master science" of the 21st century.)

* This editorial at the British journal Nature regarding

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