Wednesday, December 9, 2009

The Autumn 2009 Parameters

The Autumn 2009 issue of the U.S. Army War College Quarterly Parameters is available now, in print and online.

Of the six feature articles, no fewer than five concern different dimensions of insurgency, counterinsurgency and irregular warfare. Four of them are organized under two thematic headings. The first, "COIN and the People," includes Gian P. Gentile's "A Strategy of Tactics: Population-centric COIN and the Army," and Heather S. Gregg's "Beyond Population Engagement: Understanding Counterinsurgency." The second, "Irregular Warfare and the Interagency Process," includes "Filling Irregular Warfare’s Interagency Gaps" by Lew Irwin, and "The Defense Identity Crisis: It’s a Hybrid World" by Nathan Freier. Lincoln B. Krause also offers "Playing for the Breaks: Insurgent Mistakes."

The sixth article is "Conventional Deterrence in the Second Nuclear Age," by Michael S. Gerson, with the discussion of WMDs carried over into George Quester's review essay on "Our Nuclear Future," covering four new books on nuclear weaponry, while the "Editor's Shelf" and "Book Reviews" sections offer plenty of additional discussion of recently published works relevant to the journal's concerns. As usual publishers are putting out plenty of works on World War II and al-Qaida/Afghanistan/Iraq, but there are also a number of items on other subjects, including a trio of books on East Asian security (two of which focus on China); Ian Worthington's new book on Philip II of Macedonia; editor Kate McLaughlin's The Cambridge Companion to War Writing; and for the more futuristically inclined, Peter Singer's highly publicized Wired for War, and George Friedman's The Next 100 Years (reviewed on this site back in July).

Finally, the journal offers, in place of the commentary and reply section, Colonel Chuck Callahan's "To Stay a Soldier"-a rare first-person narrative about the care of wounded veterans from the commander of DeWitt Army Community Hospital and Health Care Network at Fort Belvoir, and former Deputy Commander of Clinical Services at the Water Reed Army Medical Center.

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