Wednesday, December 9, 2009

The Fall 2009 International Security

The Fall 2009 issue of International Security is out. The offerings this time include two China-themed pieces, namely Daniel W. Derzner's "Bad Debts: Assessing China's Financial Influence in Great Power Politics," and Robert Ross's "China's Naval Nationalism: Sources, Prospects, and the U.S. Response."

There is also Nicholas Sambanis and Jonah Schulhofer-Wohl's "What's in a Line? Is Partition a Solution to Civil War?"; Elizabeth N. Saunders's "Transformative Choices: Leaders and the Origins of Intervention Strategy"; Michael Horowitz's "Long Time Going: Religion and the Duration of Crusading"; and in the Correspondence section, a dialogue concerning Alexander Downes's Spring 2009 article "How Smart and Tough Are Democracies? Reassessing Theories of Democratic Victory in War" between Downes and Dan Reiter and Allan Stam.

Derzner's "Bad Debts" (interesting in part because of how often the issue is raised, and how rarely it is explored in much depth, as Derzner himself notes in the first pages) is freely accessible online, as is Sambanis and Schulhofer-Wohl's "What's in a Line?"

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