Monday, November 16, 2009

Not So New, But Definitely Noteworthy (Food Stamps, College Costs, California, Yemeni Water Wars)

In today's edition (my first in over a month):

* A surprising (if you go by the conventional wisdom) study regarding the reliance of the nation's children on food stamps. According to it, half the country's children have relied on it some time in their childhoods. (I am put in mind of Craig T. Nelson's remarks on the Glenn Beck show-deservedly mocked on The Daily Show and elsewhere-about how he wasn't being helped out when he was on food stamps and welfare.)

* This piece from CNN on college costs, which included some interesting statistics. It's about what you'd expect-higher tuition costs, diminished state support for public universities (where the prices rises have been higher) and students in general, more borrowing by cash-strapped families to pay for it all.

* Robust coverage by the Guardian's Paul Harris of the situation in California (with some attention to how that state's colleges are faring amid the broader collapse of its government's finances).

* And finally, a bit of international news with this analysis of the conflict in Yemen centering on the country's water shortages, courtesy of the Christian Science Monitor.

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