Monday, November 16, 2009

Book Review: Red Cosmos

This week's edition of Space Review has just gone live, and includes a review of the new book Red Cosmos, a biography of Konstantin Tsiolkovsky, by Space Review regular contributor Taylor Dinerman.

Tsiolkovsky's name is of course well known, but his life and work are not so well known as they should be (one aspect of which is that Tsiolkovsky's own writings exceedingly hard to find in an English translation). Dinerman concludes that
Andrews’ work is a good, solid, but minimal look at the man whose name is widely recognized but whose story has been mostly left to Russian-speaking experts. This book, however, is no substitute for the comprehensive English language biography of Tsiolkovskii that is needed.
However, it may be hoped that this book will lead to more attention to his work, and indeed, the work of other important but neglected Russian thinkers (like his acquaintance Nikolai Fedorov, his fellow Cosmists or other nineteenth century Russian philosophers), far more important and influential than has been generally appreciated.

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