Sunday, October 4, 2009

New and Noteworthy (Daniel Nocera's Catalyst; Planetary Defense; Robotics and Arms Control)

Recently in the news:

* Daniel Nocera's work on a new process for storing solar energy (facilitated by a new catalyst), which has recently received great attention as a possible leap forward for "green" energy. (Important as this development can be, however, those following the issue would do well to remember what Futurismic's Paul Raven has had to say about the matter-that contrary to what passes for the conventional wisdom, there is already plenty of quite usable technology already about, well-deserving of immediate application to this problem.)

* This article from The New Scientist on the current state of the art regarding planetary defense against impacts by outer-space objects.

* Another article from The New Scientist, discussing the beginnings of a campaign to subject military robotics to international arms control.

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