Sunday, October 4, 2009

Five Years After SpaceShip One

Those who have followed the development of the much-ballyhooed space tourism industry have, of course, noted the industry's setbacks these last few years. Today marks the five-year anniversary of SpaceShip One's famous flight, a date commemorated by's Leonard David in this article.

To its credit, Mr. David acknowledges the more "cautionary" view regarding the industry's prospects, clarified by Dr. David Livingston (host of The Space Show, on which I have been a guest this past year, as well as a contributor to the Space Cynics blog included in this site's blog list), and in particular
The risk . . . that as the extremes in the claims, rhetoric, and drama get exposed to the light of the day as being nothing more than what they are, they fuel the arguments and unenlightened ways of those in power-or in influential positions-and they add to the risks of sidetracking or slowing down commercial space development.
The backlash would still appear to be some way off, but the difficulties raised by the hype-a topic about which I have written frequently for The Space Review (as in my September 2, 2008 article "Market Romanticism and the Outlook for Private Space Development"), and which I discussed in my appearances on The Space Show-are incontestable.

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