Friday, September 25, 2009

An Energy Security Reading List

As of late, energy issues have been receiving much less attention than was just the case a summer ago, the great price shock that began in 2003 having been on the wane since its climax last year, and other dangers to the global economy having captured much more attention.

Nonetheless, despite the suppression of rising oil consumption by those rising prices, and more recently, the general hard times, the essential issue remains, and is still being written about-while much of the earlier literature remains relevant. has recently offered a handy round-up of it in an annotated bibliography of notable writings on the question of energy security going all the way back to 2001 (which, I'm pleased to note, includes my 2008 article in Survival).

As the list's author, Rick Munroe notes, the "list is by no means complete, nor does it include the growing body of literature on the military/security aspects of climate change," but it does offer a good collection of notable works, while offering handy links to online editions of much of this material, and for anyone interested in the issue it is well worth checking out.

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