Monday, July 20, 2009

Space Review: Apollo Anniversary Issue

Today is, of course, the 40th anniversary of Neil Armstrong's setting foot on the moon.

Appropriately, four of the six articles in today's edition of the Space Review are devoted to the Apollo mission, namely:

* Alan Stern on "Apollo's greatest achievement."
* Michael Potter on the "real" Apollo hoax.
* Thomas J. Frieling's interview of Charles Murray and Catherine Bly Cox, authors of one of the most acclaimed histories of the project, Apollo: The Race to the Moon (enjoying its own anniversary-the big 2-0-today).
* Jeff Foust's review of three new items commmemorating the subject, including Buzz Aldrin and Ken Abraham's book Magnificent Decision, Decode Interactive's Apollo: The Game (for the IPod) and AOL's new web site, We Choose The Moon.

After that anything else seems anticlimactic, but also worth a look is part two of Dwayne Day's three-part examination of the old Samos recon satellite program (part one appeared two weeks ago, and can be accessed here), and Taylor Dinerman on "The New Politics of Planetary Defense."

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