Tuesday, July 21, 2009

New at Gyre.org (Data Analysis, Brain Hacking, Ocean Energy)

Amid the recent barrage of articles on missile defense and cyber-warfare, Gyre.org has also presented three pieces of special interest in the last few weeks:

* A piece from the Federation of American Scientists on the JASON Advisory Panel's December 2008 report "Data Analysis Challenges" (accessible here in PDF form), which discusses the challenges posed by the growing amount of data captured by state-of-the-art sensors for data storage, analysis and fusion. (Incidentally, the report's conclusion is that the problem is large, but not unmanageable.)

* Wired on the prospect of "brain hacking" via neural devices, citing an article in the July 2009 edition of the journal Neurosurgical Focus. (The original piece-Tamara Denning, Yoky Matsuoka and Tadayoshi Kohno's "Neurosecurity: Security and Privacy for Neural Devices," which also struck me as quite accessible to non-experts in the field-can be freely read-in both full text and PDF forms-off the journal's web site.)

* New Scientist on some recent work in the area of harnessing ocean energy, an approach less developed and less often discussed than wind turbines or photovoltaic solar, but definitely worthy of some attention.

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