Monday, June 1, 2009

A Belated Follow-Up (The Chinese ASBM)-And This Month in Proceedings . . .

Back in April I wrote a short piece about the Chinese Anti-Ship Ballistic Missile program. Last month's issue of Proceedings, the U.S. Naval Institute's respected magazine, carried an article on the subject (accessible here).

This month's issue also carries an article on China's ballistic missile submarine program-as well as pieces on Brazil's nuclear submarine program, among other submarine warfare-relevant pieces.

Also freely available-a piece by Barrett Tillman (well known as a writer of techno-thrillers, as well as popular military history) arguing for the continuing relevance of navies (and in particular, a big U.S. Navy) in the 21st century. (Tillman himself admits it is a hard sell. You be the judge.)

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