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Peter N. James said...

Hi Nader -- I just read your analysis and review of my book Soviet Conquest From Space (book published in 1974). Lots of good material on your end. Keep in mind, and this has been verified by the secret documents released by the Soviets during the 1990s after they were declassified, that many of the systems that I described in the book were actually on the drawing boards during the 1970s. It took President Reagan and "Star Wars" to bankrupt the Soviets. They couldn't afford to execute what they had on the drawing boards. Reagan accelerated their demise, Bush got most of the credit, and Carter didn't know how to deal with them though he was a nice guy. A number of historians have verified the accuracy of what I wrote in 1974 per Soviet planned hardware and intentions. The book in 1974 was actually an unclassified version of an 800 page secret document that I authored for the intelligence community based on verifiable intelligence. Aside from this, your analysis is food for thought whether the reader agrees with you or not. By getting your readers to think, you are performing an invaluable service. Check out Hillsdale College and a speech that I gave in 1974 entitled "A System Analysis of Detente". Now that the Cold War is essentially over, I'm working on one last book under my name, and it will cover material that I could not use at the time due to security issues. I'll make sure that you get a copy when it is published. For what it is worth, I made over a thousand presentations at colleges and universities on tour during the Carter, Reagan, and Bush administrations and had both liberal and conservative audiences keep the question and answer periods going past midnight for more than half of the programs. Keep the dialog going and your readers thinking.

Best regards,
Peter N. James
14 October 2011

Nader said...

Hi Peter. Thanks for writing.

Sorry about my delay in writing; as you might have noticed, I haven't been able to devote much time to this blog these past few weeks.

In fairness, I never disputed whether or not those systems might have been on the drawing boards. I did, however, argue (admittedly, with the benefit of the hindsight) that the realization of the plans was outside the realm of the possible.

I certainly won't dispute the role of economic factors. (I have to differ on the role of the '80s-era Reagan build-up, though. If the point was to drive the Soviets to spend more on strategic systems, that would hardly divert them from the programs discussed here.) However, I would also argue that it was because the visions were infeasible with the technologies of the 1970s, the 1980s - or for that matter, the technologies available to us today or even in the foreseeable future (which is part of what would make the realization of such military capabilities so ruinously expensive).

In either case, I'll look up that speech, and will certainly look forward to your next book.

Best Regards,

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